Box with 2 scented baby cushions and 3 macaroon soaps

These small cushions spread our scent of Christmas, Spices.
They perfume naturally, without toxic fumes or pollution.

Our macaroon soaps are perfumed with Spices.
A pressed soap, guaranteeing a long lasting hold made from a high quality ingredients according to the quality standards of luxury perfumery.
The foam is thin and very fragrant. Recommended for fragile skin.

The perfumer who created our perfume SPICES in Grasse used for inspiration the original recipe transmitted from mother to daughter in Catherine’s family and combined with it all the spices used to bake these little Christmas cookies: cinnamon, ginger,
cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and star anise.As a result: emotions, tradition, and the souvenir of the sweetness of our childhood Christmases.