We offer you a pressed soap, guaranteeing long-lasting hold.
Our soap is manufactured according to the quality standards of luxury perfumery
Soaps in high quality vegan base, fine foam, very fragrant.
Weight 27gr.
Scent concentration: 3%
– pink soap scented Roses and Leaves
– Fruits Gourmands scented yellow soap
– turquoise soap scented with Ginger & White tea
– scented green soap Tea Leaves
– Rice Powder scented mauve soap
– Sweet Violets scented purple soap

The ROSES ET FEUILLES fragrance is a green floral fragrance, with fresh top notes dominated by lemon leaf, followed by a floral bouquet where rose dominates, underlined by the voluptuousness of Ylang
Fruity green scent, FRUITS GOURMANDS sparkles at the start with an association of green, citrus and pineapple notes, the heart combines blackcurrant and plum, the background, soft and delicate, exudes notes of precious woods, musk and vanilla
Green and fresh scent, GINGER & WHITE TEA combines the freshness of lemon and bergamot with the elegance of white tea and peony
The FEUILLES DE THE fragrance is a floral tea water combining the freshness of tea leaves and citrus fruits, jasmine, iris of Provence and white musk
The RICE POWDER fragrance is a delicate combination of rose petals, violet flower, vanilla powder, white musks
The SWEET VIOLETS fragrance is a musky and powdery floral scent, with top notes of pink berries, followed by a floral bouquet of rose and violet, underlined by vanilla and musk