Welcome to Catherine Masson’s fragranced universe.

Dedicated to decorative fragranced home products, l’Atelier Catherine Masson (Catherine Masson’s workshop) combines with refinement scented objects and nice materials to create top-of-the-range products recognized as so by the very demanding Haute Couture world.

Complete atmospheress

These home fragrances products come as embroidered little cushions, pyramids, sachets/pouches, scented candles and kiss curls of all sizes. The final touch brought to these creations relies on the flowers since each product is decorated with an exclusive bouquet harmoniously arranged with the scent. Made with refined materials such as organza, linen, natural silk, cotton or yet, velvet, the fragranced creations l’Atelier de Catherine Masson gives life to reveals real couture finishing. Furthermore, the subtlety and the scents high adherence over time enlist these products more like belonging to the cosmetics universe than the home fragrance one.

Haute Couture quality

The impeccable quality of the products you catch at first sight is due, in most parts, to the cooperation that took place at the beginning of l’Atelier de Catherine Masson with very well-known names such as Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Molinard and Caron. Evolving in the world of Haute Couture requires high demands on the manufacturing of each product. Indeed, quality is the motto of this company which proudly claims the high end’s image of the products. Each item is thoroughly verified before leaving the workshop.


The Fragrances

It’s in the very heart of the Provence area that the fragrances are created by the most famous perfumers of Grasse, exclusively for Catherine Masson. Therefore the scents are very subtle and long-lasting..

The scented decorative products also have another undeniable asset; a totally natural process: the cushions and sachets are filled with mini-balls made from plants, producing non-toxic fumes.

As she travelled here and there, she created a range of 15 fragrances, with floral, fruity, woody, spicy and oriental characteristics.